What We Do

Our Design Process

Our designs are tailor made specifically to suit the client needs. Our initial meeting is to understand what the client needs based on which we propose a design that will be efficient for usage. Having in depth knowledge about the materials we suggest you a range of options to choose from.

Fabrication & manufacturing

We manufacture the products at our own state of art manufacturing facility. Here we work on accuracy. All our panel products are 100% modular so it gives better finish to the product.

Quality is our key to success. We make sure that our quality is never compromised. Quality comes with a price and needless to say that what you pay for you are definitely going to get the best. We do our designing part very carefully considering the environmental conditions; we only use appropriate materials that will withstand the climatic conditions here. With our expert team who are experienced in this field for over a decade our production process and pattern is systematic, ensuring quality craftsmanship, accuracy in sizing, elegant finishes and a satisfied customer which makes us happy and content. Transparency is something that we believe at Inspirak. We work with our client in a very transparent way, which makes them trust us and we never lose their trust. Our Service will surely make you spell bound. We do things rather than just promising. have to really try us to know us. Approving your choice we will guide you through our expertise knowledge in this field with what will be your best match for your Space which will contribute to a really mesmerizing home for years to come. With all the appreciation pouring you will really feel delighted. What more than an appreciation makes a person happy. You choose us, appreciation will follow you. All that said and done; we are here to fulfill your dreams of designing your space. From the smallest handrail to the largest fit out projects we are here to complete your ideas with our finest details and quality craftsmanship. We update ourselves constantly with the newest findings in our industry and also we use the best of machinery and tools ensuring our team works faster with greater quality and output.

Personalized Service

We are with the client in every phase of project handling till delivery. We understand every client & their needs are different. So with much dedication to work & commitment we offer the best of services available in the industry.

Global Sourcing

With us having our manufacturing facilities in Qatar, China & India, we can undertake projects of any size & still deliver within the assigned time frame & complete on schedule.

We understand the ever-increasing pressure for higher returns on investment and working capital. Also, there is a sustained drive to reduce spend without compromising the result. For these reasons, clients now demand even greater flexibility in how project materials are sourced.

Working closely with clients, we continually look at ways to strengthen our sourcing capability. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, we have access to a proven worldwide network of suppliers around the world, including Asia and Europe. A comprehensive logistics capability helps ensure a better return on investment.

Products & Services