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Inspirak Designers Pvt Ltd is a company based in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, that specializes in Timber doors, Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Vanities and Mill Works with in-house research and development facilities. We have our factory located in ECR where we have a manufacturing facility. Our expert team will carry out the installation and maintenance works. Our constant innovative experiments offer exclusive specifications and finishes. We have an unmatched reputation in this industry.

We offer complete professional services with personal attention and complete supervision for all projects from start to finish at the most competitive rates. We cover everything here related to carpentry and joinery works right from residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, retail and educational projects.

All our works are carried out to the highest standards. Quality workmanship and accurate scheduling of Project completion are always our first priorities. Our products are also custom made to suit the requirements and our clients will be satisfied with our product and only with our product - The Inspirak Designers Product

We Offer Services

Inspirak Designers is a company based in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, that specialize in Timber doors, Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Vanities and Mill Works with in-house research and development facilities.

  • Office

  • Residential

  • Restaurant

  • Hotels

  • Educational

  • Hospitals

  • Retail & Commercial

We cater to every segment. Having immense experience in handling larger than life projects in various regions we have developed and equipped ourselves with the right way of scheduling, handling and delivering projects.

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Core Features

Bespoke Joinery

Our work speaks for itself. Today all of us like customized things. Imagine your home has everything suited and made specially for you. Its splendid. ID will help you have your own range of exclusively made joinery works for your needs. The range of designs will leave you awestruck!


We pride ourselves on providing a complete design service to suit your needs, specializing in all aspects of bespoke joinery for residential and corporate/commercial interiors (Private residences and commercial clients).


We carry out our production works completely in the factory. These are produced as complete modular units for panel production. Only assembling & fitting is carried out at the site making it hassle free.

Impacts and Responsibilities

Ensuring our clients are provided with a environmentally secure joinery product we do work inline with them. As a manufacturing company we fully appreciate the need for a sustainable source of materials, and that we as company can play our part in ensuring that this is possible now and in the future.

Aesthetic Decor

Never over do decor. A planned decor rightly spaced help your home look beautiful. With our in depth technical knowl-edge we can help you choose the right things. Whether help-ing you design your living room with adequate furniture to floating shelves, spacing rightly to fit in your TV, play systems, decorative items etc, we are here to help you in the most effec-tive manner. There is no one standard design that helps. We will provide you with a pool of designs customized for your home taking into consideration the amount of space available we will help you have right things in your accordance.


With the extensive knowledge and experience that our team possess, we plan and manage your projects with seamless integration from concept to completion.

Quality and Commitment

We are committed to maintaining a high level of product quality and customer service, from design and manufacture through to installation. Everything that is created by Inspirak Designers is made by our own craftsmen at our own manufacturing facility. Once completed you will definitely know its an Inspirak Designers signature product.

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